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5 Steps to Follow to Become A Good Content Writer

5 Steps to Follow to Become A Good Content Writer

Have you ever wondered how does your favorite content writer or creator writes or creates the content?

Have you ever tried writing content? Have you ever felt that content writing is difficult? One last question, have you ever thought of having a system that can help you in writing content?

We will give you a five-step formula that you can use in your writing. These steps will help you eventually become a good content writer. If you follow these steps, certainly magic will happen. Are you ready to up your game of content writing? Let’s first understand some basic things related to content writing.

Content writing is one of the hottest jobs in today’s time. You can sit at your place and write content for startups, businesses, and other entities. The fun thing is that you can also get paid to do this.

Writing, in general, is the most prominent form of communication. It is both an art as well as science. While writing content, you can take enough liberty and address your audience. You can spice up your writing by adding a personal touch to it. The people who would read your content would eventually recognize it. There are some specific rules that you should follow while writing content.

Find Your Nice

Do you read content related to your interest on the internet? Do you consume videos daily? Do you discuss a particular thing with your friends? Do you have a topic in the back of your mind on which you can speak for an hour?

If the answer to any of the above questions was yes, then certainly you are a consumer. Now, the question is, why can’t you become a producer?
You have an ample amount of knowledge around a particular topic if you can read, speak, and discuss it with people.

If you know something, pass it to the world. If you can consume things, for sure, you can produce information. Be a producer, go out in the world, and tell everyone about it.

Do Research

Start with thorough research on the topic of your choice. Search over the internet about the things related to your niche and look at the way people write. You can follow these points while researching a particular topic:

  • Try reading ten blogs every day.
  • Try analyzing the way people write.
  • Try to find a relation between two pieces written by the same person.
  • Try to find the writing style of at least five different writers.

Try going into uncharted territories, things which no one has covered till now. Whenever you have a query, search for it on google. Make some proper notes around your research.

Once you complete the research, move to the next step.

Write Content

We can classify all the content that we see on the internet into three categories:

  • It would answer a query
  • It would satisfy the demand of people
  • It would provide knowledge to the reader

You can pick anything over the internet, and that will fall under these three categories.

Once you have done your research, try to write content around it. Pick a question on Quora related to your niche and answer that question. Ask your friends about the things that they want to read, write content around it. Read a book and write a review of it under 250 words.

You can write anything and everything by just sticking around your particular niche. In the beginning, you might face some difficulties. But understand this thing that complications are temporary, success is permanent. You become good at something only when you do it over a while.

Write only 100 words a day, but make it your routine. Imagine you write 100 words for a month. At the end of the month, you would have written over 25,000 words. Once you have written that many words, ideas will come to you, and you won’t need to search for ideas.

Go on Social Media

How do you tell people about the content that you write? By posting it on social media.

Once you have written something, put it over the internet for people to read. The platform can be anything. Initially, the medium won’t matter. You can post the same thing on every social media account of yours.

Posting on social media is necessary because it will give you viewers. These viewers will only determine if your content is valuable or not.

Only those pieces of content get shared, which has some value attached to it. If your posts are getting shared, then you don’t need to worry about promoting them. Your reader will be your promoter.

But for that to happen, you need to write regularly and post it over the internet regularly.

People only remember things that they see daily. It is the reason why companies run the same ads daily. It is the same reason why you should write content daily.

The idea is to leave an impression on your reader. It will allow the reader to come back to you for content regularly. Once you have earned an appropriate amount of viewers, you can monetize it. It means that social media can help you make money.

Get Feedback

You need to analyze the performance of your content. It is the only way that you can earn viewers.

Ask people to provide feedback on your content. Ask them to write comments on your posts and read them regularly.

Writing is a form of communication. Communication should always be two-way, where you write content for the reader and the reader provides you feedback on your content. 

It should never be that you are only writing content and not caring about the feedback. Feedback from a reader helps you to understand their demand. Once you have a grasp on the demands, you can write content around it.

A satisfied reader will bring more readers. It is how things work in this field.

Do you need help in writing content? Sign up for an exclusive webinar and get all your queries answered. It is totally free. Just sign up, fill the form with your queries and wait for the webinar.

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